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Metalworking Media

A 100 percent polyester, gradient structure media, with applications including common vacuum/gravity type filters, as well as aluminum rolling, steel rolling, automotive and general metalworking coolants.

A spunbonded polyester media finding applications in pressure/vacuum and gravity filters used in the automotive and general metalworking industries.

Reemay® Microcell® II for D&I Filtration
A 100 percent synthetic components media with an engineered gradient structure for D&I filtration applications.

Reemay® Sonic Bonded Layered Polypropylene (SBLP)
A multilayered media that is excellent for tramp oil removal in vacuum filters.

A unidirectional rayon/polyester blend media used for gravity filters and many pressure filters where coolant temperatures are less than 180°F and with a pH range of 8 to 10.

SnoWeb EFP
A wetlaid polyester/cellulose blend media with applications in common vacuum and gravity filters used in wire drawing; steel rolling; automotive and general metalworking industries.

A laminated spunbonded polyester for direct particle removal in coolants and in cold/hot aluminum rolling mills; steel mills; wire drawing; automotive and general metalworking on pressure/vacuum/gravity bed filters.

A spunbonded polypropylene media with applications such as in vacuum filtration with fine particulates.


Fiberweb® Filtration Offers Filtration Media for Coolants

Coolants are vital in the metalworking, rolling and wire drawing industries. They reduce heat, flush away swarf, protect against corrosion, prevent oxidation of the metal being processed, and protect the equipment operator. In order for a coolant to work effectively, however, it must be filtered, and that’s where Fiberweb Filtration can help.

Filtering a coolant improves the finish and quality of the part being machined, extends coolant life, reduces maintenance, helps prevent plugging of equipment nozzles, reduces grinding wheel loading, extends tool life, removes chips and swarf from the system for disposal, and can help control tramp oil problems.

Whether you use a gravity, vacuum or pressure filtration system, selecting the best filter media is easy with Fiberweb Filtration. We are your single-source provider of a wide range of filter media, manufactured in an assortment of processes from a variety of polymers.

Fiberweb Filtration has the expertise, filter media selection and technical capabilities to solve your coolant filtration problems in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

If the product you need is not on this website or if you have questions, please contact us at, and we will let you know if we can offer what you want.

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