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QualiFlo® Helps Automobile Engines Run at the Highest Efficiency

Optimum airflow helps ensure engines run most effectively, which reduces fuel waste. QualiFlo® is specifically designed and engineered for high efficiency air filters. The patented technology* used for the production of this unique product provides a gradient filtration media that offers excellent efficiencies, exceptional dirt-holding capacity and a low pressure drop.

QualiFlo is a composite made of polyester, so its fibers won’t swell
in humid conditions such as those that are found in automotive engines. Resistant to acids and salts, QualiFlo is impervious to most organic solvents, and it offers good temperature resistance. It is easily pleated for rectangular, radial or custom pleat configurations

QualiFlo is made using a proprietary combination of components
and a special manufacturing process. Pore size varies from top to bottom in QualiFlo, and particles are forced to follow a tortuous path through the media. Larger particles are trapped in the upper layer, and particles in the 1 to 5 micron size are trapped in the lower part of the composite.

There are other automotive engine intake filtration media on the market, but QualiFlo has several advantages over them. QualiFlo does not need oil—which can be messy—to work effectively. It contains no cellulose like some competing filters. Filters containing cellulose can absorb water and swell, which reduces airflow and the filter’s strength. (There will also be a reduction in air flow with the QualiFlo filter if it gets wet, but the drop in air flow in the QualiFlo filter is about 60 percent less than that of the cellulose product—a highly significant difference. And, unlike cellulose-based media, the moisture will evaporate rapidly from QualiFlo.)

QualiFlo is the media that effectively captures dirt, allows airflow and protects the engine.

*Patent numbers 5,397,632 and 5,820,645

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