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MasterFlo® Microfiber Depth Filtration Media

Microcell® II for D&I Filtration

QualiFlo® Gradient Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Spunbond Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Pool & Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® with Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection  Pool and Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® Sonic Bonded Layered Polypropylene (SBLP)


SnoWeb EFP

StarWeb® Polyester Scrim

Synergex® Composite Polyester Filtration Media

Typar®/Tekton® Spunbond Polypropylene* Filtration Media

Unidirectional Rayon/Polyester

SnofilŠ Unidirectional Rayon/Polyester

Snofil™ is made of a blend of rayon/polyester fibers. It is a dry-laid unidirectional or “carded” web, which means the fibers are primarily going in the machine direction (the length).

Snofil is a cost-effective media and is widely used in coolant filtration applications; Snofil is most commonly used where strengths are not critical and coolants are compatible.

  • Good particle retention, with acceptable flow rates for most coolant filtration applications
  • Applications are gravity filters and many pressure filters where coolant temperatures are less than 180°F and with a pH range of 8 to 10
  • Weights: 0.4-2.8 osy (16-95 gsm)

To request more information and a sample of Snofil™ Filtration Media, please Click Here.

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