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MasterFlo® Microfiber Depth Filtration Media

Microcell® II for D&I Filtration

QualiFlo® Gradient Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Spunbond Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Pool & Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® with Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection  Pool and Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® Sonic Bonded Layered Polypropylene (SBLP)


SnoWeb EFP

StarWeb® Polyester Scrim

Synergex® Composite Polyester Filtration Media

Typar®/Tekton® Spunbond Polypropylene* Filtration Media

SnoWeb EFP
Wetlaid Polyester/Cellulose Blend

SnofilŠ Unidirectional Rayon/Polyester

SnoWeb EFP is a proven product line that has become an industry standard in the last 20 years. The cellulose fibers give this finished product its filtration efficiency, while the polyester fibers give it strength as well as depth that aids in filtration.

Since the cellulose gives this type of media its filtration efficiency, it is possible to increase the percentage of cellulose as compared to the polyester fibers to give added filtration efficiency. When the cellulose content is increased too much however, the media can become weaker. Our latest EFP version (Enhanced Filtration Performance) has an optimal blend to cover both efficiency and strength.

SnoWeb EFP can help control free or "tramp" oil in a system. Oils may cause the media to blind off (plug), signaling the filter to index a fresh section of media from the supply roll. In most cases, when introducing our Snoweb EFP products, an increase in usage is noticed. This will stabilize, however, as the media cleans up the system.

  • Applications are common vacuum and gravity filters used in wire drawing; steel rolling; automotive and general metalworking industries.
  • Weights: 0.8-3.7 osy (27-125 gsm)

To request more information and a sample of Snoweb EFP Filtration Media, please Click Here.

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