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MasterFlo® Microfiber Depth Filtration Media

Microcell® II for D&I Filtration

QualiFlo® Gradient Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Spunbond Polyester Filtration Media

Reemay® Pool & Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® with Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection  Pool and Spa Filtration Media

Reemay® Sonic Bonded Layered Polypropylene (SBLP)


SnoWeb EFP

StarWeb® Polyester Scrim

Synergex® Composite Polyester Filtration Media

Typar®/Tekton® Spunbond Polypropylene* Filtration Media

Gradient Polyester Filtration Media

Qualiflo Gradient Polyester Filtration Media

QualiFlo, which received the prestigious "New Product Award" from the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) when it was introduced in 1993, is created using a proprietary combination of components and a special manufacturing process. Pore size varies from top to bottom of QualiFlo, so larger particles are trapped in the upper layer and smaller particles in the lower part of the composite. Because of this, QualiFlo offers gradient filtration with excellent efficiencies, exceptional dirt holding capacity and low pressure drop. It retains pleats and is excellent for automotive intake filtration.

  • Polyester fiber
  • Depth and gradient filtration media for air filtration
  • Exceptional dirt/dust holding capacity
  • Easily pleated and molded for various filter configurations
  • Excellent for automobile intake filtration
  • Available in a fire retardant version
  • Designs also available for multiple filter applications
  • QualiFlo® Filtration Media Typical Properties

To request more information and a sample of QualiFlo® Gradient Polyester Filtration Media, please Click Here.


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